Complete Academic Institution Management

EduRole is a full service platform for digital student information management, a so called Student Information System (SIS). Designed with colleges and universities in mind the platform offers a wide scale of features:

Online registration

Online registration has never been easier, with easy to setup admission forms students can apply for the studies and programmes you have setup.

Stay in control

Easily view and control student information, grades, courses, housing and other records. Enable remote access to have insight in all information as you go.

Cloud hosted or local

Your institution can run a local copy of EduRole or choose to run the system in the cloud either by yourself or with the help of one of our support plans.

Privacy ensured

Privacy is key in the management of large volumes of personal information. Edurole is built with the privacy in mind and has built in security checks prevent even remote database tempering by continuously checking records.

Time scheduling

EduRole includes a timetable scheduling functionality to allow for easy creation of group or course based planning. View and print student schedules and class rosters with just a few clicks or easily syncronise to your mobile phone.

Grade management

The built-in gradebook allows teachers to enter assignments, exams and any other activities using weighted scales (if desired). Students can easily access the system to monitor their personal grades..

Full financial integration

Financial information is fully integrated, costs can be defined per programme and in combination with our bank transaction API student payments can be stored and processed automatically.

Complete modular architecture

With a complete modular architecture EduRole can be extended easily to include new functions. We offer a large collection of modules out of the box that will cover all basic needs. More modules can be purchased or designed by your own programmers.

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