Platform Features

Edurole has a layered design that ensures easy extendability and modifiability of the system. This way we can meet any institutions demands, regardless of the country or size. The most important layer is the core layer, in this layer Edurole has built a message bus for the many services that require student information across your organisation.

Edurole academic service suite

Global Impact

Originally designed for universities in Zambia. (central Africa) EduRole has a low footprint and requires little resources. EduRole is built to be implemented regardless of knowledge of ICT.


EduRole works together with other popular academic solutions to create a central platform that integrates all services with single-sign-on (SSO) allowing for quick centralized access.

Centralize Users

To allow for easy identity management of students, EduRole can connect with LDAP to automatically manage institution wide user accounts for all systems such as email, VLE, or computer access.

Online registration

If your institution currently does not offer online enrolment capabilities EduRole will allow you to easily implement online registration capabilities. All information is securely stored and available to the registrar account(s) to process. Potential students can monitor their progress through the website.

Edurole academic service suite

Help us develop EduRole

In 2022 we are looking to expand the footprint of EduRole across the world. Are you interested in joining our team? Visit our offices or contact us to see if you are a match.

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